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Due to the lack of any consistent communication over the last several months with the primary procurer of funding for this new project, Carlos Zamora, there have been growing concerns about whether or not if the money would ever be acquired for QEW Publishing DIRECT’s operations to become a reality. Constant and prompt contact with Carlos has unfortunately dissipated. But after numerous calls, emails, and text messages, Carlos finally did respond with assurances that the goals he had presented to procure funding for the distributorship will be achieved. QEW Publishing now expects the distributorship’s operations to be ready within the first quarter of 2010. However, just in case the funding is not acquired as expected, QEW Publishing has begun drafting a plan of its own.


Quenton Shaw, the writer and owner of QEW Publishing, has joined Penman’s Guild, a writer’s group and workshop established at the comic retailer Comic Evolution in Puyallup, Washington. Penman’s Guild challenges those writers who are sincere and passionate about comics, short stories, and novels. It assigns several topics from which a short story may be derived. Penman’s Guild has a Facebook page where BUNKER BUSTER, a short, apocalyptic/mystery Quenton has written and published has been linked there.


A fantastic new opportunity for self-publishing is currently developing. Comic retailer, Comic Evolution of Puyallup, Washington has begun to form a partnership of independent comics creators under its own imprint, Creator’s Edge Press. The potential for QEW Publishing to actually publish some of its own titles under a possible "dual banner" may now be more of a possibility than ever. This opportunity combined with the efforts currently being made with bringing QEW Publishing DIRECT together could hopefully serve to become the aforementioned supplemental plan to make the independent direct to publishing and distributorship a reality.


Quenton Shaw
of QEW Publishing is currently in the process of settling a new 4-year agreement that would essentially commission it to produce and solicit a series of four novels. In order to maintain progress on production, QEW Publishing has established Scribbler’s Support Services, a special group page on Facebook. Now a total of 55 members since its inception, the Scribbler’s Supporters will be kept informed on the progress and provide morale support to help Quenton achieve his goal to complete each of these novels.


Recently, QEW Publishing accepted and reviewed the unedited manuscript for a novel titled LEFT HAND TREE, which had been written and submitted by aspiring author, Jay Gunter. The story is a chilling tale of resilient heroism confronting a monumental evil. The review of the property was astoundingly favorable for Jay. As a result, QEW Publishing and Jay Gunter have settled an agreement commissioning QEW Publishing with the most honored and challenging task of representing and soliciting LEFT HAND TREE to publishers on Jay Gunter’s behalf.


To maintain a practical sense of artistic diversity, QEW Publishing is always exploring and expanding into different entertainment mediums. Web comics, manuscript production for screenplays and novels, and setting up an independent distributorship are just several examples. QEW has now entered into the strata of producing and marketing original art with a new project called ImagUnique (literally pronunced "imag-unique"). It is a series of fantasy pin-up images designed by QEW that will showcase the outstanding talents of BLOOD & SILVER penciling artist, Jalal Nazeri, who will be featuring the alluring likeness of QEW Publishing’s first live model, Tatyana. Production of ImagUnique is currently underway.


After months upon months of delays, the production of the screenplay adaptation of QEW’s comic miniseries, BLOOD & SILVER, has finally resumed. Three-fourths of the script has already been written. Progress is expected to continue until the screenplay’s completion before the end of 2009.


With BLOOD & SILVER #1, #2 and #3 fully colored and ready for lettering and editing, artist Thom Fuegel has successfully maintained his productive momentum as he has now proceeded onward to applying his impressive coloring style to BLOOD & SILVER #4.


Great news! Inker, Manny Colon is almost done with inking DARK POWERS #5 and #6. Bad news! Alex Araiza, the new colorist, has no longer been in communication since he joined the group, which has triggered another search for another new colorist.


David Laveck of Quarterstone Comics continues to assure that the re-lettering process for this long overdue miniseries will be completed and that all newly lettered books will be submitted to QEW.


QEW Publishing is pleased and proud to announce that artist, Leah Rivera of the creative team of the popular WAYFARER’S MOON web comic, has recently accepted the post as colorist for this 6-part, action/fantasy miniseries.


New colorist extraordinaire, Michael Spicer continues to awe QEW Publishing and his colleagues of THE GIFTED Team with his amazing color applications to pencil and ink works of the series creator and writer, Chad Dulac, and inker Eric Richter.


Inks of VOID XANADU #1, #2, and #3 have been already been completed by artist Kelli Michelle Andrews. Penciling artist Joshua Mathus continues to proceed significantly with his completion of pages 1-8 of VOID XANADU #4. Unfortunately, artist Michelle Davies, who had just recently joined the VX Team as colorist, has been unreachable for contact. So the search for a new colorist is currently underway.


Lisa Curwood has finally completed the editorial revisions of the lettering directed by QEW for this one-shot horror comic.


Artist, Lauren Westendorf has successfully completed and submitted all sequential art for this original, 40-page graphic novella project! Next comes the lettering process.


Penciling artist William Graves, who has successfully completed all sequential art for DIABOLICUS #1, has achieved astounding progress. He is currently producing sequentials for DIABOLICUS #2.


Artist Tonny Handoko of Indonesia has assured QEW Publishing to expect more finished sequential art pages of ANTARES #1 to be submitted by him very soon.


Penciling artist April Solomon and colorist Sinclair Klugarsh are potentially becoming one of the best creative teams ever comprised for this particular project. After years of setbacks and false starts, PIX’s production has finally begun to show some perseverance. April has submitted some outstanding samples of her sequential artwork for PIX #1 and Sinclair has submitted his samples of his unique approach of color application. Both artists compliment the other’s talents and QEW is very excited to see PIX’s fruition develop even further.


Due to the Christmas/New Year’s holiday blitz affecting all personal schedules, colorist Chris Hagerman has been rather incommunicado. Other members of his creative team, Ben Hansen and Martin Fisher, and QEW certainly hope to receive an update from him very soon.


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About QEW Publishing

Despite its name, QEW pronounced as the letter Q, QEW Publishing is not just another small press publisher, but rather an independent creative studio that produces and proposes its creator-owned comic books for submission to mainstream publishers. Located in the Seattle, Washington area, QEW Publishing seeks and recruits talented artists for assembling creative teams to commit and manage their talents on projects under its production. Artists who love comics and are eager to break into the industry, have QEW Publishing's pledge to offer its commitment to be goal-oriented, provide organizational support, prompt communications, resourceful networking, visionary-based leadership, and promotions. QEW stands for Quality Entertainment Works and quality is exactly the official standard QEW Publishing strives to maintain for all of its productions up until their submissions. If you're one of those artist, and you think you have the talent, and you want to be part of a committed, creative studio, then QEW Publishing may be the place for you. QEW Publishing is the creation of writer and owner, Quenton Shaw.